Friday, January 20, 2012

A look at Fracking

Your Options For your County's Oil and Gas Development:

1. Do nothing, and be drilled by the oil companies

2. Put in a regulatory oil and gas ordinance--this allows drilling in your community through a permit process and industry begins drilling once your elected officials give them "permission" through a "permit" to drill in your community. When damages occur, it will be up to the citizens to prove damage and take the oil industry to court for these damages be it contaminated water, air, ill or dying livestock or family members.  When water wells go dry, it will be the citizens' problems.

3. Put in a community rights ordinance--which contains a  Bill of Rights protecting citizen birth-rights to clean air, water, health and safety and PROHIBITS industry from harming citizens' inalienable rights. At the core of this community rights ordinance is the right to determine the community's destiny--Local Self-Government.  This is the premis upon which the suffrage and civil rights movement were based....and which ultimately resulted in changes to the U.S. Constitution.  A change to unjust laws written into the U.S. Constitution!

Which do you choose ?  If you choose number 3, call your commissioners and let them know you want a community rights-based ordinance passed in your community that protects the citizen's birth rights!

Tom McDonald
October 9, 2011

If Michael Moore had made Gasland, it  would have been wittier. Maybe Josh Fox, who produced the documentary after a natural gas company offered to lease his Pennsylvania land for drilling, was just too close to the story. To him, the threat of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, coming to his homeland and polluting his water and air was a personal affront.

Fracking is the injecting of water, sand and chemicals (including toxic chemicals) into underground rock formations to blast them open and release natural gas. Fox set out on a cross-country journey to see how communities are being affected by this natural gas removal process. He spent considerable time out west, where the industry has been drilling and fracking for years.
What he found was one horror story after another — contaminated water supplies, sick people and animals, court settlements to keep people quiet, and more — all framed into an indictment against the natural gas industry and its fracking operations....continued....