Friday, January 20, 2012

Groups Sue After E.P.A. Fails to Shift Ozone Rules

Another lawsuit.  When industry and our governments join hands and peal back or prevent human and environmental protection, what is left for the people to do?

A lawsuit.

WIll you wait until the situation gets this bad in your community, or will you work to PROTECT before the damage occurs?  It is your choice.  It is your voice!  There are options.

 WASHINGTON — Five health and environmental groups sued the Obama administration on Tuesday over its rejection of a proposed stricter new standard for ozone pollution, saying the decision was driven by politics and ignored public health concerns.

The groups said that President Obama’s refusal to adopt the new standard was illegal and left in place an inadequate air quality rule from the Bush administration. Near the end of his presidency, George W. Bush overruled the Environmental Protection Agency’s scientific advisory panel and set the permissible ozone exposure at 75 parts per billion.

The current E.P.A. administrator, Lisa P. Jackson, wanted to set the standard at 70 parts per billion, near the maximum level recommended by the advisory panel. But President Obama rejected that proposal on Sept. 2, saying that compliance would be too costly and create too much regulatory uncertainty for industry. He ordered the E.P.A. to conduct further scientific studies and come up with a new proposal in 2013..continued.....