Friday, October 15, 2010

Blasting shale rock with toxic fluid can release riches in natural gas, but threatens critical water supplies.

Huge Gas Plant Approved Despite Emissions Spike
It will boost BC's carbon output three per cent, but cap-and-trade can offset, says Premier.

The earth-shattering exploitation of deep deposits of shale rock for natural gas production has broken global records in northeast British Columbia and now threatens critical water supplies across the country, warns a new Munk School of Global Affairs report by award-winning B.C. journalist Ben Parfitt....continued....

Thursday, October 7, 2010

NM Drill Down: From A to Z--Santa Fe Reporter

By Laura Paskus

Love it or hate it, the oil and gas industry is as much a part of modern New Mexico as red and green chile. But let’s be honest: Without strict regulation, it also coughs haze into once-blue skies, can contaminate groundwater and private wells, upsets landowners, and poses a threat to public health.

This week, SFR wades through the regulations and names, agencies and scandals, campaign contributions and connections so that you can educate yourself about the industry that brings billions in revenues to the state.

With all that cash, the industry also wields enormous political power. As a result, it continues to thwart progress on everything from federal climate change legislation to the state’s attempts to regulate greenhouse gas emissions from power plants, wellheads and pipelines—which, if unchecked, could threaten future generations of New Mex-icans.


New Mexico has numerous environmental organizations, but these groups specifically tackle oil and gas issues:
• Drilling Mora County


Monday, October 4, 2010