Friday, December 17, 2010

Baseline Water Well Testing Completed for Mora County: Las Vegas Basin Property Owners


Baseline Water Well Testing Completed for Mora County: Las Vegas Basin Property Owners

• Sampling collected on water wells at "ground zero" in Mora County across the Las Vegas Basin from Watrous, Buena Vista, La Cueva, Rainsville, Ojo Feliz, Ocate to Wagon Mound
• First county in the United States to put into place baseline water well testing on private land before natural gas drilling takes place
• Testing for markers found in hydraulic fracturing fluids
• Methane gas levels sampled
• Testing for radioactive contaminants and known diesel contamination such as have been found at natural gas sites after hydraulic fracturing and well drilling
• Baseline testing shows clean drinking water in Mora County Las Vegas Basin


This past week Drilling Mora County completed a baseline water well sampling and testing protocol on a number of private and community drinking water wells that traverse the Las Vegas Basin area East to West and North to South on land that has either been leased for natural gas drilling or is near leased land.

Through a grant from the McCune Foundation, Drilling Mora County put into place this first-time protocol thanks to the help from many individuals and groups across the Southwest, Northeast and Canada, all of whom have been impacted by federal and state government fiscal hunger fed by an industry whose race to drill the last “great places” in the United States and Canada gains daily momentum.

The protocol follows strict guidelines for collecting and testing water samples that assures accurate results of the landowner’s water quality. The sampling and testing was for known hydraulic fracturing chemicals, including surfactants, methane gas, heavy metals and radioactive substances, to establish their presence or absence in each well. Tracers that are found in industry’s hydraulic fracturing fluids will be evidence of contamination, thanks to the in-depth work of Dr. Theo Colborn, Endocrine Disruption Exchange. (

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