Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Mora County's DGS revision meeting November 19th 2008

A Public meeting for community input regarding changes to The Developmental Guidance System (DGS), the planning and zoning regulations that currently protect the Mora Valley will be held:

Mora School Board Room
Mora High School

Please plan to attend, tell you neighbors and pass this email on.

The DGS currently requires a lengthy procedural review for any development within Mora County that does not meet the DGS agricultural guidelines. This past year we have been notified of our County's jurisdiction over permitting for any oil and gas development in Mora County. While no permits have yet to be requested according to the County Manager Rumaldo Pino, the County has decided to address the DGS and theW Comprehensive Plan and make changes to include more informaiton on oil and gas permiting.

Currently the DGS does address oil and gas development and according to Drilling Mora County's attorney, Bruce Frederick, New Mexico Environmental Law Center, is complete in and of itself for issuing permits or oil and gas development in Mora County. Mr. Frederick wrote two legal letters. One reviewing the DGS and its inclusion of oil and gas permitting within the county, and another affirming the county's jurisdiction over permit requirements for oil and gas drilling on State Trust Lands by private companies. Both letters are available by emailing drillingmoracounty@gmail.com.

The DGS is a strong document designed and developed by the people of Mora County in the 1990s that protects Mora County from industrial development while protecting the agricultural basis of the County. Through a comprehensive review involving public input, any development can be turned down if it falls outside the DGS requirements of protecting the culture, water, air, land/soil and human and animal health. At this juncture in Mora County's history, with pressure from industry, it will take the influence of the people of Mora County to maintain the strength of the DGS. Only with public input will Mora County continue to be so carefully protected. Once again the people will have a say and will have influence on what happens to their County. There is hope.