Tuesday, December 27, 2011

PART I--World Health Organization: Wireless May Cause Cancer

Nate Seltenrich —
Jun 1, 2011

Reversing its long-held position on the safety of wireless radiation from cell phones, wi-fi, and “smart” meters, the World Health Organization announced yesterday that it had re-classified such non-ionizing radiation as “possibly carcinogenic.” The organization’s International Agency for Research on Cancer placed radiation from these devices in the same category as DDT and leaded gasoline.

PG&E, which leads the nation in deployment of wireless “smart” meters, has relied heavily on the WHO’s assertion of the meters’ safety in defending its devices to critics. However, the WHO’s previous position dated to 1996 and did not reflect the findings of more current research. According to activist group Stop Smart Meters!, a “broad investigation into the peer-reviewed science” ultimately convinced the organization to reconsider its stance on wireless radiation....continued...