Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Lawmakers Urge Obama To Pursue Energy Security Through Natural Gas Natural Gas Fracking

"We owe it to our citizens, and most importantly, our military," the letter concludes, "to be free of the constraints of having to fight abroad over resources that can be safely recovered here at home."

Connect the dots, citizens:
"US Becomes Net Exporter of Fuel"
By Gregory Meyer in New York
May 2 2011 22:32
EXCERPT from "US Becomes Net Exporter of Fuel:"
"After a five-year decline in net imports, the US became a net exporter
in late 2010, a trend analysts say is confirmed by the latest data."

Seems there is some double-talk going on...perhaps it is the money these senators are looking after rather than our security, health and welfare at home!  Time for a short stay in the Senate for these nine members!


Rep. Michael Conaway (R-Tex), topped a list of nine members of Congress who signed a letter to be sent to President Obama Monday urging him to press for natural gas development in the U.S.

Eight members of Congress, including several representatives of powerful national security committees, have prepared a letter imploring President Obama to press for expanded natural gas exploration and production in the United States -- primarily though the use of an unconventional and contentious technique known as horizontal hydraulic fracturing.

"As members of both political parties and as citizens in support of your call to get serious about a long-term policy for secure and affordable energy," reads the Monday dated letter from the group, comprised of four Republicans and four Democrats, "we urge you and members of your administration to take a leadership role in encouraging the continued development and utilization of our nation's vast natural gas resources by any means necessary, but most specifically, by unconventional shale gas recovery."....continued.....