Tuesday, December 27, 2011

'Fracking' benefit to T.A. landowners arguable

"The benefits of the upper Chama Valley are not measured in dollars. Benefits are measured in clean water, clean air and abundant wildlife achieved by good stewardship of the land."

The cat is out of the bag!

Edward L. McMillen

According to the June 13 article, "Firm: Deal opens area to drilling" by Tom Sharpe, the CEO of Wind River Energy, Jack Steinhauser, asserts that there has not been "one proven case of groundwater contamination" from fracking. He is only half right in his assertion.

Let's talk facts instead of assertions.

Fact: Landowners and communities are experiencing changes in water quality and quantity that occur during and after fracking. There have been documented claims of degradation in quality and quantity of water in Alabama, Colorado, New Mexico, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Texas, Virginia, West Virginia and Wyoming following fracking operations.

Fact: Steinhauser and others refuse to disclose the chemicals used in the fracking process.

Fact: Hydraulic fracturing fluids are known to contain toxic chemicals. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, toxic chemicals in fracturing fluids include substances such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, methanol, formaldehyde, ethylene glycol, glycol ethers, hydrochloric acid, sodium hydroxide and diesel fuel, which contains benzene, ethylbenzene, toluene, xylene, naphthalene and other chemicals. These chemicals have known negative health effects, such as respiratory, neurological and reproductive impacts, impacts on the central nervous system and cancer.