Thursday, March 10, 2011

Shell takes gung-ho stance on Karoo fracking outrage--The Daily Marverick

"We expected Shell to take on a patronisingly bullish tone on the issue of fracking, and they did not disappoint."

March 10 2011

Royal Dutch Shell, a global corporation the size of a small nation, is facing a growing outcry against its plans to conduct hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo. Still, it took on a  “frack now, deal with any fallout as it happens” stance at a press conference on Thursday. And although compensation promises were made, it is nothing you can take to the bank.
Royal Dutch Shell went to some effort to make the process of hydraulic fracturing seem rather harmless
to a roomful of journalists, with a friendly PowerPoint presentation, full of bullet points and video that explained the process. The process of fracking has received an avalanche of bad press in the US, leading to precautionary banning in some states, and now Shell wants to take the controversial process of mining unconventional gas to the Karoo.

Bonang Mohale, chairman of Shell Oil Product Africa, and Graham Tiley, general manager of New Venture Executions at Shell are hosting press conferences in Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Johannesburg in an effort to allay fears about the process....continued.....