Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gilbert Armenta's Story of Oil and Gas in San Juan County, NM--Part II

 Part II:

Oil and Gas what is it? It is dead matter. When God created the heavens and the earth he said it is good and he made man and gave man dominion over all living things.

Well as you see oil and gas is dead and as man we are not to use it. In 1900 or about oil was located in the San Juan Basin down hole about 80 feet. In 1920 Gas was found about 600 feet down. As I said before in 1598 the Spanish came as farmers and herders and for over 250 years that is what they did. They also did a little mineing for gold and sliver with slave labor (native people) but for the most part it was farming and raising livestock. In the 250 years that spain ruled we became a mix blooded people. We had no interest in oil and gas. In 1846 the United States went to war with Mexico a poor country and we were defeated and we lost are lands. That is when the white man came in and started to rape the people and the land. 

The white man are very greedy living in harmony is not there way take take take is. In 1860 a great war was going on here that is when my people came hear to the San Juan Basin to make a new life they came with there livestock and to farm. It was good land and soon they were doing very well. The hispanos controled 86% of the land they were very well off. 

Next:  how we lost our lands and our way of life to oil and gas.     Gilbert Armenta   February 9th 2011