Saturday, March 19, 2011

Gilbert Armenta's Story of Oil and Gas, San Juan County, NM-- Part 1

Part 1--Writing at the request of Ian Perrin, South Africa, a citizen group resisting Royal Dutch Shell's natural gas exploration of the Karoo  (
Ian if you know the history of the new world it started in 1492 and hear in 1598 that is when my story begins. The Spanish government settled hear then. No females came at this time so as you can see we (I) am of Spanish and Native American Blood. For 200 years plus we were part of the Spanish rule. Now Spain received this new World from God as the King of Spain said at that time. Now if you were a Vescino (subject) you could ask the Crown for a Grant (land) and many Grants were given to the her subjects. Many races were sent here by Spain (Spanish Blacks Jews etcs.) The times were hard here. 

When Spain settled here large herds of horses, sheep,goats, cattel, also pigs,ect, came with them and also all kind of plants and trees. next Mexico (1821) my Great Grandfather was born in 1817 four years before Mexico independence from Spain. My great grandfather Jose Armenta came to the San Juan Basin in 1867 his wife died and he bought my great grandmother ( custom of that time) she was Native American. My grand father Romaldo Armenta was born in 1896 USA (united states to over in 1848) and he and my grand mother (also a Native American) had my father in 1916 (new mexico USA became a state in 1912) I was born in 1946. 

Next I will tell you about the start of oil and gas.                Gilbert Armenta , January 22, 2011