Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Wyoming approves 'fracking' disclosure rules--Associated Press

By MEAD GRUVER 6-8-2010
CHEYENNE, Wyo. — A state agency that oversees oil and gas development voted Tuesday to require energy companies to disclose what chemicals they're pumping underground to improve the flow of oil and gas into well bores.

The state Oil and Gas Conservation Commission unanimously approved the new rules, which cover a variety of drilling practices including hydraulic fracturing. Commonly called "fracking," the process involves pumping pressurized water, sand and chemicals underground to crack open fissures in rock.

Environmentalists said they approve of the new rules, and industry officials said they can live with the changes.

"They appear on the surface to be workable," said Rick Robitaille, vice president of the Petroleum Association of Wyoming. "As we go down further in time and see how they progress, perhaps we will need to tweak, perhaps not. It remains to be seen.".....continued......