Tuesday, June 8, 2010

NM Supreme Court Victory for "New Energy Economy"

June 7th 2010
New Energy Economy, a Santa Fe based, two year old non profit group, petitioned the New Mexico Environmental Improvement Board (EIB) to put a cap on greenhouse gas emissions in the state of New Mexico. During the hearing this past winter (2010) citizens, professionals, environmental groups and First Nations People representatives presented their concerns to the EIB about about health and cultural impacts in New Mexico, and urged the EIB to support a cap on greenhouse gas pollution. Industry was given equal opportunity to present their position during this hearing.

The oil/gas industry is the 2nd largest contributor to greenhouse gas pollution in the world. Today in the Gulf of Mexico the oil industry's spill is adding catastrophically to the health damage and destruction of untold numbers of wildlife with oil contamination in the deep seas, surface water, marshlands, beach shores, and toxic chemicals released into the water, air and ultimately into the bodies of wildlife and human population. Talk of nuclear detonation at the site of the spill continues to be discussed. Left unchecked, industry's hunger for its product ultimately leads to increasing mounting emissions around the world.

New Energy Economy's efforts to bring about environmental responsibility for New Mexico through a cap on greenhouse gas pollution would put New Mexico in a leadership position in the United States.

A victory was won by New Energy Economy through the unanimous decision by the NM Supreme Court regarding a lawsuit by industry challenging their petition for a cap on pollution. Supreme Court Breathes Life into New Energy Economy’s Petition. PNM No Longer Holds Clean Energy Future Hostage.