Sunday, November 8, 2009

Tucumcari Basin exploration for helium-a bi-product of natural gas exploration

The above map is IAC’s activity map for the Tucumcari Basin in Guadalupe, Quay, and San Miguel Counties, New Mexico. Due to the heightened exploration activity in the area, we believe the Basin will be one of the largest producers of helium in the country as it becomes fully developed. Although the highest helium concentrations lie outside Shell’s primary exploratory focus (area in yellow), the entire area is known to possess varying helium concentrations between 0.5% to nearly 1.5%. IAC has varying interests in areas outlined in red comprising nearly 240,000 acres.

Helium is a by-product of natural gas production and is accessed through the hyrdaulic fracturing process.

Information regarding well activity in the area can be found at the New Mexico Oil Conservation Division website (OCD Online)

For more information on activity in the Tucumcari Basin, please read: Shell nurses Tucumcari gas discovery area (Oil and Gas Journal, Feb. 9, 2009)