Monday, November 30, 2009

CORE VALUES--Alianza Tierra de Mora

Mora County, New Mexico, is beloved by ranchers, farmers, sportsmen, outfitters and
guides, local business, concerned citizens, outdoor enthusiasts, herbalists, and conservation
groups. In accord with Mora County’s inherent beauty and value, we believe the following:

1. Mora County's rich soil and clean water preserve the historical agriculture
and acequias that are important to the local economy and culture.
2. Mora County's pristine land and rivers are extremely valuable to all county
residents as well as to visitors and tourists.
3. Mora County's unique culture is important to county residents and to the
nation, as examples of our living history.
4. Mora County's forest and plains areas provide essential living space for many
wild animals, and diverse plant life which are also an important aspect of this
pristine, historical area.
5. Mora County's wild lands provide hunting, fishing, firewood, and other
recreation for people throughout the nation, and as such are especially important
in these times of diminishing wild areas.

Based on these values, we believe that it is a profound mistake to exploit this special
place for the principal benefit of the current energy industry. Consequently, Mora County
should be preserved for its culture, biological diversity and small green development,
thereby protected for the benefit of present and future generations of all Americans.