Monday, November 30, 2009

"Core Values"--To Whom it may Concern

November 25, 2009

United Communities of Santa Fe County (UCSFC) is issuing this letter of support for Drilling Mora County and Alianza Tierra de Mora because of their core values which align with our organization’s.

These are really citizen-led organizations that are based on pure empowerment---they feel that members have a public and moral responsibility to make it work for them. Their connection to the land, “La Tierra”, is something that most Americans have lost after the Dust bowl and the Great Depression. Families come first and the land is the link to all generations---not something to throw away or disrespect.

As they live their daily lives in Mora County;they are lovers of the air, water and vistas. Northern New Mexico culture and traditions have been made famous in movies like: Milagro-Beanfield War,Red Sky at Morning, And Now Miguel and Where Angels Go Trouble Follows. With story plots of where: the little guy steeped in tradition is taken advantage of by the rich man immersed in greed---and then the People come together to win the day. The scenes of these movies could have Mora County inserted as the locale and we all would get who the villains are from today…..

The rallying cry: “your participation, your voice ---is vital to our success” brings out the family, friends and neighbors. Acequias associations, parish councils and village elders come together to battle the injustice and the unfairness. These groups knew environmentalism before it was cool and the Green thing to do. The blood that runs in the veins, the water that runs in the streams, the chili that runs into our food; all is thicker than the oil that lines the pockets of Wall Street.

UCSFC knows that when you read this message you will understand what to do. Your action will be appreciated. Thank you again for listening to us.


William H. Mee for the Steering Committee
United Communities of Santa Fe County