Monday, May 12, 2008

"Stop Drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge!"

Your senators will be voting soon on an amendment that would allow drilling for oil in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and THEY NEED TO HEAR FROM YOU.

The McConnell Domenici Amendment (No. 4720) would not only allow for drilling in the Arctic Wildlife Refuge and Intermountain West, it would also threaten public lands in the Rocky Mountain West, pollute drinking water, and endanger marine habitat on the Atlantic and Pacific coasts.

Finally, it would keep the United States on an unsustainable path of fossil fuel dependency. Even if we drilled every national park, wildlife refuge and coastline, America has only 3% of the world's oil, so we would still be importing most of the oil needed to meet our demand.

Please send the message below asking your senators to oppose the McConnell Domenici Amendment and protect wildlife! "

Action alert and model letters below. Contact US Senator Senator Jeff Bingaman immediately: . The vote could come up as early as tomorrow on this amendment.