Sunday, August 21, 2011

Ground Zero Law Firm Sues Over Colorado Drilling

"Antero has declined to comment, but it has previously denied their operations have harmed the family. Tests by the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission found no indication of chemicals from the gas industry in their water well.
“We think that those tests are bogus, to be very honest,” said Bern, who said independent testing found air and water contamination."
This is a major event --
The New York law firm started their investigations in Colorado last summer, this is their first case involving natural gas drilling-- the firm has the capitol needed to finance the costly studies required to sustain a class action case -- a very important development if this succeeds.


By David Frey,
As gas drilling spreads across the country, more and more landowners are complaining -- and suing. A family on Colorado's Western Slope is being represented by the law firm that won an $800 million settlement for World Trade Center emergency responders.

A New York law firm that won a major settlement for World Trade Center rescue workers is representing residents of Colorado’s Western Slope who say their health has been impacted by the boom in oil and gas operations in the region.

The law firm Napoli Bern Ripka & Associates, along with the Aspen firm Thomas Genshaft, filed its first Western Slope lawsuit on Thursday, and attorneys say more will likely be forthcoming, including a possible class-action lawsuit.

The firms announced the first lawsuit in a press conference on the steps of the state capitol in Denver.

“We basically wanted to let them know that we’re establishing a lawsuit, that we’re very serious about it and that we are going to prosecute the case strongly,” said Corey Zurbuch, an attorney with Thomas Genshaft....continued.....