Sunday, June 12, 2011

EPA launches study of fracking's impact on water

And a Quote from the U.S. President, Barack Obama:
"Now, natural gas is a clean, relatively clean energy.  It's a fossil fuel, but it burns pretty clean.  But we've got to make sure that as we're extracting it from the ground, that the chemicals that are being used don't leach into the water.  Nobody is an environmentalist until you get sick.  And it turns out, well, gosh, why didn't somebody tell me that this might affect the water that we drink or the air that we breathe, or what have you?  So we've got to do some science there to make sure that the natural gas that we have in this country, we're extracting in a safe way." 

April 5, 2011
By Susan Phillips
President Barack Obama has given the Department of Energy 90 days to look at ways to improve the safety of drilling for natural gas. The Environmental Protection Agency has already started an extensive review of how drilling affects drinking water.

EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson said the study is the first of its kind.

In the debate over natural gas drilling, one side says not enough is known about hydraulic fracturing.......continued......