Monday, April 25, 2011

The Privatization of Municipal and County Governments

 In the March 9th Amy Goodman/"Democracy Now!" report, March 9th, 2011, Naomi Klein was interviewed.  Listen to what she has to say about the current bill introduced into the Michigan legislature and to her interview with Naomi Klein:  click on listen to youtube of Democracy Now!
This is a summary of part of it "Democracy Now!" 3/9/2011:

 A bill in the Michigan state legislature would in the case of an emergency, give an appointed person or a firm (corporation) the authority to  dissolve the municipal/county government and run it.  This law being passed in Michigan now could happen anywhere, according to Naomi Klein, where a corporation would "become" the government of that municipality or county.

 This has happened in Sandy Springs, Georgia.

Currently we are seeing this occurring in the privatization of our school systems.  When Katrina occurred, the public school system was dismantled in New Orleans and replaced with privatized publicly funded charter schools. I heard on Democracy Now last week that this same dismantling is
Rhode Island where minority children will have no opportunity to attend a publicly funded school system.

The efforts we put in place on the local county and municipality levels to exercise our rights to "local self governance" are critical at this point in history. Never before have we seen such actions coming forth in this country.  Germany under Hitler, yes, but not in the United States of America until now.

 New Mexico State Constitution:
"Right of self-government. “The people of the state have the sole and exclusive right to govern themselves as a free, sovereign and
independent state. ” N.M. CONST., Art. II, § 3."

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund ( has written over 125 community rights ordinances expressively exercising the right of "local self governance" for communities across the United States and abroad to protect human rights and nature's rights---clean air, water, land, ecosystems.

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