Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Nonprofit Offering Help With Tests That May Link Contaminated Water to Hydraulic Fracking

Founders of ShaleTest.Org, personally affected by drilling near their homes, launch nationwide effort to defer costs of expensive water, soil and air tests.

By Shauna Stephenson

A new nonprofit trying to raise awareness about water contamination and its connection to drilling is offering low-income families help with testing their water, soil and air quality .

ShaleTest.Org, based in Texas, recently launched its nationwide effort, emphasizing the importance of testing for the presence of chemicals before and after drilling, or hydraulic fracturing for underground oil and gas reserves, begins.

ShaleTest founders Tim Ruggierro, a property owner in Wise County, Texas, and Calvin Tillman, mayor of Dish, Texas, both have personal experience with development on or near their property. “To me, it’s just not that difficult to connect the dots as to where the problem is,” Ruggierro says. “It’s very convenient for the industry to go around saying there’s not one case of contamination due to hydraulic fracturing because there’s no testing.”....continued.....