Monday, November 29, 2010

BASELINE Drinking Water Well testing for Mora County Las Vegas Basin

Drilling Mora County will begin the process for the baseline water sampling for surface springs, and private and community wells across the Las Vegas Basin in Mora County this December 2010.

A list of chemicals known to be pervasive in hydraulic fracturing fluids will be tested for in a number of wells throughout the mineral-leased land in Mora County.

The Las Vegas Basin lies north of Las Vegas and runs north to Ocate, east to Wagon Mound. Communities in this area in Mora County are Watrous, Buena Vista, Ojo Feliz, Rainsville, Ocate, Wagon Mound. Anyone interested in having your water samples collected and tested, contact Drilling Mora County for details. There will be a limited number of wells paid for in this project, but anyone interested in having their wells tested as well is encouraged to contact DMC to be included in this process.

According to retired EPA environmental engineer, Weston Wilson, Mora County will be the first county to establish a baseline for their water wells where industry is perched, but not yet begun drilling. The protocol is based upon work done by the Roaring Forks Coalition, Dr. Theo Colborn and direction from Weston Wilson.