Monday, September 13, 2010

Say No To Weakening the Clean Water Act!

COMMENTS: As if it is not enough that industry is exempt from the "Clean Water Act", now industry is working along side government to weaken the "industry standards" that put the "Clean Water Act" into to place initially. Industry wrote the original specs for the "Clean Water Act" and today, along side government, is working to degrade it further. Call and write your Senators and Representatives today to OPPOSE the Cardin Bill.

Drilling Mora County

Senator Ben Cardin, chairman of a subcommittee of the Senate's Environmental and
Public Works Committee, introduced legislation which amends the Clean Water Act

The bill weakens the Clean Water Act.

I urge you to write your Senators today and ask that they oppose the Cardin Bill
known as the "Chesapeake Clean Water and Ecosystems Restoration Act."

As its title suggests, the bill purports to address the continuing environmental
decline of the Chesapeake Bay watershed by introducing some very fundamental changes
to the way the CWA has functioned for almost four decades. Supporters of the Bill
claim the CWA has failed the Bay and it needs to be fixed. But that's not true.
The Chesapeake Bay is dirty today not because the CWA is deficient, but because
the CWA is not being properly enforced.

This bill relies on voluntary measures on the part of state environmental agencies.
These state agencies have demonstrated that they lack the political will to enforce
the existing mandates of the CWA.

The Cardin Bill allows states to create exemptions to polluters such as developers,
wastewater utilities, and agricultural producers that are required to have permits
under current law. The end result of these exemptions is that the most powerful
tool for cleaning up watersheds will be lost....continued...