Friday, March 5, 2010


Remember, LA GENTE DE MORA, that the oil and gas that lies beneath your land is worth hundreds of billions of dollars to the greedy oil companies. The oil representatives will come to you with their mentiras about how much good they are going to do for you. You must understand que por los poquito centavos you receive you will be giving away tu salud, la amistad, y sus tierras. When all the money you have received is gone, your kids, your grandkids, and possibly yourselves van andar por las calles. Remember CITIZENS DE MORA que las companies de la aceite are not your friends and will never be your friends. Don’t let the destruction que le paso al condado de San Juan que le suceder a Mora. Unirse for your own protection.

PEOPLE OF MORA the land that you now possess has been handed down for many generations. It has been placed in your trust to be a good steward. And when you are gone these lands will pass on to your future generations. The earth will give you subsistence and provide for your needs. Take care of the land that has been entrusted to you so that all that come after you will remember you as a caring and devoted good steward of the land.

The oil and gas companies will come with their heavy equipment and dejaran una cicatriz en la tierra and this scar will be left forever.

Gilbert Armenta de Largo, Nuevo Mexico
March 2 2010