Tuesday, January 19, 2010

‘Petro-pirates’ robbing Alberta’s resources--FFWD Calgary

Flushing justice down the pipeline with Wiebo Ludwig’s arrest
Published January 14, 2010 by Jack Locke in Viewpoint
Corey Pierce

"I have lived 15 km downwind of a gas plant. I can tell you stories about the clouds of toxic chemicals that are emitted in the dark of night, while country children sleep in their beds. I can tell you how the Alberta government watchdog agency prohibited me from speaking at a public hearing over whether to allow Shell Canada to expand its Caroline gas plant. I can tell you how the government of Alberta intercepted my private communications for at least four months in 1999." says Jack Locke

Why is a bomber targeting EnCana's oil facilities and why is the RCMP targeting Wiebo Ludwig?

In July 1999, as director of the Alberta Human Rights Coalition, I wrote letters to the Alberta minister of justice and all Canadian premiers calling for a Truth and Reconciliation Commission to examine: the conduct of the RCMP in relation to actions and methodologies employed in the investigation of oil and gas site vandalism and the treatment of Ludwig's Trickle Creek community; the events surrounding the tragic death of Karman Willis; and the impact of the oil and gas industry on human health.

Why? Because Alberta is not a democratic province. It is a province controlled by international corporations that see profit and extraction of natural resources as their prime object.

In order to accomplish their objective, the industry will use its abundant resources to do things that are not very nice. Companies will send crews of desperate men to attack the land and lay waste on anyone who gets in their way. These crews may wear uniforms and call themselves Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Or the petro-pirates may hire private security forces to instigate dirty tricks to dissipate legitimate opposition to the destruction of Alberta's air, water and land.

There is a great amount of opposition in Alberta to what the Progressive Conservative dynasty allows. There are voices in every Alberta city that oppose the wanton poisonings of citizens who happen to live downwind or adjacent to an oil or gas well.

But Oilberta is a one-industry town. It is run by the bosses of EnCana, Shell and other giant corporations. They have infiltrated every aspect of Alberta society: hospitals, schools and the government. They have put a clamp on dissension and discussion in a most disgraceful way......continued