Saturday, September 26, 2009

Charles MacKay, director, Santa Fe Opera, signs mineral leases in Mora County

email: Charles MacKay, director, Santa Fe

Email to Charles MacKay:
As a musician, fine artist, and co-chair of Drilling Mora County, concerned citizen group, I was surprised to read Santa Fe Opera/Charles MacKay's name on the list of recorded leases when I checked at the Mora County clerk's office two weeks ago.

My own inspiration for my art comes from Nature. And I have seen that to be true of most artistic endeavours throughout history. To read the name of the Santa Fe Opera amongst those who took money in lieu of valuing the impact of their actions on their neighbours tells me that money is more important than what feeds the soul of the Santa Fe Opera's director. How can this leadership inspire such artistic endeavours?

We all have been impacted by the economic downturn, but those who sell out the "others" in order to succeed in this lifetime must not understand that someone will be harmed in this action. I can only hope that Mr. MacKay can rectify his actions and find another solution to funding the arts. When we destroy our inspiration, we destroy our souls in the process as well.

Kathleen Dudley
co-chair, Drilling Mora County