Friday, July 24, 2009

Letter-writing Campaign

Letter-Writing Campaign-Mora County on oil and gas development:
Write to the following addresses (sample letter below) and tell them to protect your water, your county’s most fragile and important resource which feeds the land and your families therefore the culture and way of life in Mora County from any industry that violates the mandate of the people via the governing laws of our Development Guidance System (DGS).

Mora County Government
PO Box 580
Mora, New Mexico 87732
• Peter Martinez, chair
• Gino Maes
• Laudente Quintana
Land Use Administrator
Rumaldo Pino,

Sample Letter:

Dear NAME,
I’m writing to ask you to strongly support and uphold the current Development Guidance System (DGS) and Comprehensive Land Use Plan which protect Mora County from “dirty” industry --oil and gas development. Our water, culture, agricultural way-of-life would be adversely impacted should these laws be weakened.
The1995 DGS states that no polluting industry is allowed in our agricultural County. In addition we want the County to adopt the Santa Fe County Oil and Gas Ordinance (with modifications to fit Mora County’s DGS) for further protections from oil and gas development.

Please support our rights and be informed of our deep concerns and the mandate of the citizens—protect Mora County and keep it agricultural..

Sincerely Yours,
Address and name

State Representatives
•Representative Thomas Garcia
PO 56
Ocate, NM 87734
•Senator Phil Griego
PO Box 10
San Jose, NM 87565
•Governor Richardson

Sample Letter:


Dear NAME,
As a citizen of Mora County I am writing to ask for your help to support our mandate to protect our water and keep green industry developing in our agricultural county.

We need legislative money for studies to be conducted of Mora County’s hydrology and for base line testing for all the wells. I request that you put this on the top of your list for the next legislative session.

I understand the devastation oil and gas development has and the impact it will have on our culture, way-of-life and agriculture. Please work to help protect what matters to me.


Sample Letter:
Commissioner of Public Lands
Commissioner Pat Lyons
NM State Land Office
PO Box 1148
Santa Fe, NM 87504-1148

Dear Mr. Lyons,

I am asking that you will defer the leasing of all state lands in Mora County due to the sensitive area for wildlife and our water for our communities. Our County’s laws, a mandate of our people, upheld in our Development Guidance System (DGS), stipulate that as an agricultural County, no polluting industry is allowed to degrade our way of life. Once the “bread-basket” for the State of New Mexico, we are reclaiming that right and claiming renewable resources to off-set the degradation of oil and gas extraction. Look to Mora County for GREEN—small green industrial development that is in keeping with our agricultural County--scale solar and certified organic agriculture for our future generations.

Thank you for holding safely the leases on our Mora County earth.

Sincerely Yours,
Address and name