Saturday, April 25, 2009

OPTIC Letter to the Editor--Oil and Gas Drilling in Mora County

As we all know by now, the climate crisis is real. And
as we all know, only immediate measures to cap carbon pollution
can turn the ship of destruction around, and protect a planet
worth living on.
In the face of these facts it is astounding to me that the oil
and gas industry is still pushing into areas like Mora county,
trying to get the last pockets of fossil fuels out of the
earth, with no regards for the future of those living here.
Hopefully our county government officials, elected and paid by
the people, have enough far sight to withstand the short lived
lures and promises of a predatory industry promising false
wealth to a county that already has a different kind of wealth:
clean air, clean water, agriculture, wildlife, community, a
quality of life people are longing for in most other places of
this country.
With some long term consideration the county government could
leave its mark by igniting a transition into clean and
renewable energy, creating local jobs and supporting an
economic recovery for the whole country, all the while
protecting the beauty and values of our community and the
health and welfare of its people.

by Claudia Stromberg, Ocate resident
published April 17th 2009