Friday, September 12, 2008

A Comment Regarding Drilling in Mora County

My name is Kirsten Lear and I was raised in the rural town of Amalia, N.M. I have visited Mora and the land surrounding it for years. I believe it to be some of the most beautiful open land in New Mexico. I marvel at the colors of the grasses in the Fall and the pronghorn antelope and cattle disappearing as they walk through the tall swaying grass in the summer. The people of this area, through their traditions, know how to survive on their land. This is an understanding of community and respect for the land that we all could learn from. Few places are left where a meadowlark or hawk are the loudest things you hear or the smell of cut grass isn't overwhelmed with car exhaust. This area represents what this state is-farmers, ranchers, and wildlife coexisting under a huge sky where one can still see why the milky way got its name.

To destroy this area's water with toxic runoff, peace with the constant piercing whine of the oil wells and land with countless roadways would be a tragedy. Please keep me informed of the decisions to drill in this unique place.