Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Stop fueling oil and gas exploration misconceptions"--CEO Pat Sanchez

Tecton Energy, LLC , a company that specializes in unconventional tight gas basins (unconventional recovery “UCR”), has purchased tens of thousands acres of mineral leases in the pristine Galisteo Basin and Santa Fe County. However, the viability of production is being questioned.

First and foremost, Atrisco Oil and Gas, LLC is not drilling for oil. We are seeking, through the services of Tecton Energy Corporation, to find clean-burning and clean-producing natural gas, and to develop it as an energy source.

Mr. Sanchez adds, "Bob Gallagher, President of the New Mexico Oil & Gas Association says his industry “stands on it’s 90 plus years of operations in New Mexico, and during that time we have drilled close to 100,000 wells, and not one drop of water, delivered to the consumer, for consumption, has ever been polluted or contaminated by oil and gas drilling activities. These emotional obstructionists will say anything in an attempt to stop our industry from producing oil and gas safely and in an environmentally sound way.”' Interesting. According to the Oil and Gas Accountability Project (OGAP) website , "The New Mexico Oil Conservation Division has detected and documented more than 700 hundred incidents of groundwater contamination from oil and gas facilities across the state. The data can be downloaded from the OCD web site (click here to download a pdf version or an Excel spreadsheet version).

Prior to 1990, only 39 orders were issued against oil and gas companies for contaminating groundwater. The earliest order was issued in 1954. Since 1990, 705 incidents have been recorded, for a total of 743 documented groundwater incidents related to the oil and gas industry in New Mexico.

Of the 743 groundwater contamination incidents, more than half have been caused by contamination from oil and gas industry pits.